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The long-term research interests of the Guo Lab focus on developing functional biomaterials and medical devices towards clinical translation to improve healthcare quality using a combination of chemical, physical, and biological tools.

  • Our research paper “Degradable Silk-based Soft Actuator with Magnetic Responsiveness” has been published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2022 Emerging Investigators. Congratulations to Niping and other co-authors!
  • Our research paper “Supertough and Highly Stretchable Silk Protein-based Films with Controlled Biodegradability” has been published in Acta Biomaterialia. Congratulations to Hao and other co-authors
  • Our collaborative paper has been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces! It is our great pleasure to collaborate with Prof. Ren, Prof. Zhu, and Prof. Gao from Zhejiang University. Dr. Ziyang Sun was involved in the collaborative project. Congrats!