Group Members

Principle Investigator

Prof. Chengchen Guo

Dr. Chengchen Guo obtained B.S. degree in Chemistry from Nanjing University in 2011. After completion of the undergraduate, he earned Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in Spring 2017 from Arizona State University with a research focus on solid-state NMR spectroscopy and biopolymers. He then joined Prof. David L. Kaplan’s group at Tufts University as a postdoctoral fellow, where his research interest is to develop protein-based functional biomedical devices for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. In Fall 2020, he joined School of Engineering at Westlake University as an Assistant Professor.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Ziyang Sun

Dr. Ziyang Sun graduated from Nanjing University with a B.S. degree in Chemistry in 2015. Driven by interest in functional materials, he joined Prof. Yongming Chen’s group in Sun Yat-sen University, where he was focusing on precisely-synthesized and functionalized polymers for biomedical applications. After obtaining his Ph.D. degree in 2020, he continued his research career as a postdoctoral fellow in Guo Lab at Westlake University.

Dr. Xin Yu

Dr. Xin Yu received his B.E. degree in Light Chemical Engineering from Northeast Forestry University in 2013. Then, he obtained M.E. degree in Material Chemical Engineering from East China University of Science and Engineering in 2016 with a research focus on polymer crystallization. After completion of the graduate, he was awarded a scholarship under the State Scholarship Fund organized by the China Scholarship Council to pursue his PhD study in Deakin University, Australia. He earned Ph.D. degree with a research focus on surface functionalization (antibiofouling & antibacterial) in February 2021. In Spring 2021, he joined Guo lab at Westlake University as a postdoctoral fellow.

Research Associate

Hao Lyu

Hao Lyu received his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Engineering from Sichuan University in 2017 and 2020, separately. During the period of the master, he studied at the University of Hong Kong as a training student. He was interested in biomedical materials research and medical implants research during undergraduate and graduate student period. In September 2020, Hao has joined Guo Lab as a research assistant at Westlake University.

Rui Jiang

Rui Jiang obtained her bachelor’s degree in Textile Science and Engineering from Wuhan Textile University in 2017. Then she studied in Soochow University and got her master’s degree in 2020. During the period of study, Rui was interested in the preparation of functional nanofiber filaments and their application in biomedical field. In February 2021, she joined Guo lab at Westlake University as a research associate.

Graduate Students

Will join in September 2021

Visiting Students

Jinghang Li

Jinghang Li is currently a junior college student at Wuhan Institute of Technology, China, where his major is Materials Chemistry. In 2020, he was a research trainee student at Harvard Medical School with a focus on functional biomaterials for tissue regeneration. Driven by his great interests in the multidisciplinary research field combined with materials science and biomedical engineering, he then joined Guo lab as a visiting student, where he will be focusing on developing innovative bioadhesives using silk materials for further applications.